Christmas Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are truly grateful to the Lord for what has been another blessed and fruitful year of ministry via World Outreach International (WOI).  While the world this year has been full of many natural disasters, political turmoil, economic chaos, and social unrest…nevertheless the Gospel has gone forward…especially so via WOI teams in Africa, the Middle East and the greater Asian region, where thousands have called on the Name of the Lord for the first time, have been water baptized and are now followers of the Lord. Praise His Name. And such ‘good news’ continues!

Family News. Other personal highlights for us this year have been doing the WOI 6 week Nations Course, celebrating Mary’s 60th birthday, and welcoming our first Australian grandchild into the family.

Steven, Deborah,Micah, Ruby, Zeke and Lily endured two major earthquakes in Christchurch before relocating to Tauranga last July. They communicated to us in January that they felt the Lord was stirring them toward a relocation. After this year’s devastating February 22 quake struck, and then what seemed like endless daily aftershocks, their thinking and plans became clearer!!

They are now enjoying the beautiful Bay of Plenty region and stable underground!

Stephen & Julie’s greatest highlight for the year was the birth of their first child and son, Josiah, born on October 05 in Brisbane.  He is such a cutey and a loyal All Black supporter!

David continues to serve with WOI (based in S’pore) in a cross cultural mobilization role, training and leading teams of young people on ministry trips to nearby nations.  When in S’pore he enjoys, amongst other things, involvement in reaching out to foreign students studying here. He and other team members have seen a steady number come to Christ.

It is our hope and prayer that this festive season will be a very special and memorable time as you enjoy and celebrate the ‘reason for the season.’   This year we have been truly blessed by your friendship, partnership and encouragement for the cause of world missions.

May God bless you.

John Elliott