June News Update

Dear friends,

World Outreach International (WOI) is in a good place!  With 2012 being our 80th anniversary year, it is a time where we not only look back and rejoice at past achievements, but we are also praising God with what is happening on different fields – right now!  In a WOI leadership meeting earlier in the year, a prophetic word was given that basically said: “Watch Me, watch what I’m about to do!”  

BREAKTHROUGH is a word commonly used among a number of the WOI teams this year.  In previous years there had been some encouraging ‘fruit’ to show for one’s labour, yet today in some countries (not all), it is harvest time!  Reports from the India sub-continent, West Africa, Indo-China and SE Asia, tell not of a trickle, but more like a flood of new believers surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.  For example, in 2009 a WOI church planting team in Thailand saw 500 baptisms, whereas in 2011, the numbers grew to where more than 4,500 Buddhist background believers have been baptised and are now followers of Jesus, including six Buddhist monks. One of the exciting aspects of all this is that the majority of the harvesting is not done by foreign missionary personnel, rather by the new believers themselves, who boldly and courageously go and tell others of what the Lord has done for them. The WOI teams in these places are busy training disciple-makers to go and train new and committed disciples for Christ.

ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION At the WOI 80th celebration held in South Africa this past April, we got to hear first-hand encouraging ‘harvest’ stories from those in attendance.  For example, over 7,000 new believers in Burkina Faso, over a period of three years, have become disciples of Jesus. Praise the Lord!  With more than double the delegation numbers expected at next month’s 80th anniversary celebration in Thailand, compared to the South Africa event, there will be even more field personnel ready to share what the Holy Spirit is doing in their regions.  The Kingdom of God is expanding very nicely thank you very much!  But WOI teams are not satisfied. We long to see and hear of even greater harvests!

COMING UP This month we are involved in an intensive seven day cross-cultural training course in Malaysia. In early July we are speaking to the latest batch of students graduating from the WOI six-week Nations course in Thailand, and that will be followed immediately by the WOI 80th anniversary celebration in Chiang Mai, where more than 240 are registered to attend.

PLEASE PRAY We all like to hear positive and encouraging reports of what the Lord is doing, yet it is not a time to let our (spiritual) guard down.  This year a steady number of WOI personnel and ministry partners have been hit with various kinds of physical and spiritual attacks including Myeloma (a cancer of the blood), broken bones, blurred vision, malignant tumour, heart attack, pancreatic virus, accidents, and one co-worker’s mother was recently killed. We know only too well that followers of Jesus Christ are in (spiritual) warfare, and none more so that those serving on foreign fields. Please remember us in WOI in prayer.

We really do thank the Lord for your encouragement and partnership with us. Be blessed.

John & Mary Elliott


This is the personal newsletter of John & Mary Elliott, World Outreach International Director. Along with all other World Outreach missionary personnel, John & Mary are non-salaried and trust the Lord each month to supply their personal needs. For those who would like to financially partner with John & Mary, you can do so by sending support to any World Outreach International country office listed below. Please clearly designate your gift when it is sent and email us at john.elliott@world-outreach.com. You can also donate via our website: www.world-outreach.com

World Outreach Country Offices:

  • New Zealand: P O Box 97230 Manukau 2241.
  • Australia: PO Box 5000 Sunshine Coast MC Qld 4560
  • Singapore: Ghim Moh Post Office, PO Box 048, Singapore 912732
  • Holland: PO Box 2549, 2002RA Haarlem.
  • USA: 615 East 9800 South, Sandy UT 84070.
  • UK: PO Box 9256, Market Harborough, LE16 0FH, UK

John & Mary are based in Singapore. John serves as the Director of World Outreach International (WOI), a multiracial fellowship of Christians and ministries focused on the least reached peoples of the world. WOI has more than 350 fulltime personnel serving in over 60 nations on five continents. John heads an executive team of senior missionaries, pastors and business leaders who oversee the field personnel, various ministries and WO bases, around the world.

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