December News Update

John & Mary are based in Singapore. John serves as the Director of World Outreach International (WOI), a multiracial fellowship of Christians and ministries focused on the least reached peoples of the world. WOI has more than 350 fulltime personnel serving in over 60 nations on five continents. John heads an executive team of senior missionaries, pastors and business leaders who oversee the field personnel, various ministries and WO bases, around the world.

Dear Friends,

Season Greetings! We are coming to the end of what has truly been a wonderful celebration time for WOI in this our 80th anniversary year. Our hearts continue to be full of praise to the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness. Reports from different continents tell of large numbers of new believers declaring their faith and trust in the Lord. Praise His Name! Ironically, I cannot recall a year where so many WOI personnel have been hit with illness, some very serious.

Mary with the Thurstons and Weavers.

Recent Travels. Last month we visited WOI country offices in England and Holland for annual board meetings, and spent time with Holland-based WOI missionaries, Trevor and Kay Weavers. John also ministered in a number of churches in both nations. The Christian community here has not been immune to the tough economic times that continue to plague Europe. Ministry feedback from folk was that they were so encouraged to hear of what the Lord is doing – elsewhere. It would seem that not much ‘good news’ is shared from European pulpits these days about the global work of the Holy Spirit. At the same time we also met with different couples who are in the process of applying to join WOI. They are quality people!  This year WOI has seen a steady increase in applications, with some 46 in the pipeline at this time.

With Patricia Green.

Germany. We were able to make adjustments to our schedule so we could visit Patricia Green for a day in Berlin. She seemed to be very pleased and encouraged by our visit. Patricia had just concluded eight weeks of treatment for a cancerous tumour lodged behind her nose / right cheek.  Praise the Lord, her doctors are very pleased with the MRI scan done recently that shows the tumour is continuing to shrink. To use her doctor’s precise word, the results are “exceptional.”  The night before we left, we visited Patricia’s Alabaster Jar team that reaches out to the prostitutes soliciting on the streets of Berlin.

With the Alabaster Jar team.

For some years now WOI has been in a ministry partnership with Globe Europe (GE), led by Brad & Jan Thurston. WOI has some excellent GE personnel serving with us in Africa and Asia. Our time together and discussions were about plans to expand this ministry relationship.

Field Highlights. We are greatly encouraged by some of the ministry reports that we have received recently from different WOI fields such as:

  • Six Thai Buddhist monks are now water baptised followers of Jesus.
  • Some 2,500 house churches planted among many different Least Reached People groups during the past five years in Indonesia.
  • A new openness for sharing the Good News with people in Egypt.
  • More than 140 Koti churches planted in Mozambique today, led by indigenous Koti (ie. first generation believers).
  • The past two years has seen approximately 12,000 former Buddhists in 20 Thai provinces become followers of Christ and scattered among 500 house churches.

Family Reunion. They can’t make it for Christmas, but our NZ based daughter Deborah, hubby Steve and four kids, plus our eldest son Stephen, wife Julie and son Josiah, as well as our son David who will come down from Malaysia, will all be here with us over two weeks from December 30 for a family reunion.  Whoopee!!  This will be the first time in over 20 years that our “three kids” have been together here in Singapore. We are really looking forward to what will surely be a very special time together.

Powerful.  A friend in India recently sent us the following testimony that we thought we would share with you. She said:

The 10 year old Tamil girl.

When conducting a youth meeting recently, the children were asked to pray for areas on a world map that had bright red shaded areas showing where unreached people are located. One 10 year old girl asked me what the large piece of land on the bottom right corner was. I told her that was Australia. I was a little sceptical why she was focusing on Australia, nevertheless I challenged her to ask God what she should pray for. She began praying and interceding and later came to me saying: “God said that He wanted me to pray for the churches in that country to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit, then they will all be filled with His power as most of the churches there don’t have this power”.

This is from a little Tamil girl who doesn’t know which countries are which on the world map, who doesn’t read English and who knew nothing about Australia other than they play cricket.’ (Is it possible the same applies to other nations besides Australia?)  

In Closing, we remain very grateful to our ministry partners whose encouragement via prayers and practical giving allows us to serve the Lord, serve WOI, and serve a truly fantastic body of missionaries. The prophetic words heard at this year’s different 80th celebrations, tell of even greater outpourings of the Holy Spirit. We hope you too are hopeful and expectant for what the Lord will do.

Abundant Blessings,

John & Mary Elliott

This is the personal newsletter of John & Mary Elliott, World Outreach International Director. Along with all other WOI missionary personnel, John & Mary are non-salaried and trust the Lord each month to supply their personal needs. For those who would like to financially partner with John & Mary, you can do so by sending support to any World Outreach International country office listed below. Please clearly designate your gift when it is sent and email us at You can also donate via our website:

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