December News Update 2013

John and Mary are based in Singapore. John serves as the Director of World Outreach International (WOI), a multiracial fellowship of Christians and ministries focused on the least reached peoples of the world. WOI has more than 350 fulltime personnel serving in over 60 nations on five continents. John heads an executive team of senior missionaries, pastors and a board of leaders who oversee the field personnel, various ministries and WOI bases around the world.

Dear Friends,

Season Greetings! We trust that the coming Christmas and New Year celebrations will not only be enjoyable with family and friends, but also a time for all of us to reflect back over 2013 and also to look forward to another new year of opportunities in serving the Lord.

There were a number of highlights for us this year:

Family Tribe Visit. We had the joy of our three children, their respective spouses and all of our five grandchildren with us for two weeks in January.  It was also a joy for us to have Penny, David’s then girlfriend (now fiancé), join us during that time where she got to meet the rest of the family. It was truly a great way to start 2013. A fun time was had by all.20130108_134726

Field Visits. Spending quality time to strategize with key World Outreach International (WOI) leaders in Asia, Africa and Europe is always great time and resources well spent in our annual calendar. We come away from such times together with a greater appreciation of the sacrifices and commitment they all make – along with a renewed determination to represent them and their vision well.

Church Visits. Whether in Asia or elsewhere, speaking in churches and keeping congregations informed of the exciting developments taking place in global missions, is always a bonus for us. Often times we hear people say they are unaware of ‘good news’ things happening. One example springs to mind, is that 11 of the 20 nations identified as places where evangelical Christianity is growing the fastest in the world– are Islamic nations. There is much taking place in regions of the world that you won’t read or hear about via any media – but happening it is, Praise the Lord!!

Leadership Visits. Twice a year in Singapore we host 10-12 days of gatherings including experienced, as well as ‘up-and-coming’ leaders, from within the organisation. We love investing ourselves in such quality people, who also help us in the day-to-day running of WOI. We continually thank the Lord for them.

For our ministry partners who faithfully stand with us in the cause of world mission, a BIG thank you – again!  We so need you! Nothing of eternal worth happens unless born in prayer, and we so appreciate those who link arms with us in prayer and intercession, asking for the Lord’s leading, protection and provision. We can’t do what we are called to do unless the Lord aligns hearts with us.

We praise God for you. Merry Christmas!

With much love,

John & Mary Elliott

This is the personal newsletter of John & Mary Elliott, World Outreach International Director. Along with all other WOI missionary personnel, John & Mary are non-salaried and trust the Lord each month to supply their personal needs. For those who would like to financially partner with John & Mary, you can do so by sending support to any World Outreach International country office listed below. Please clearly designate your gift when it is sent and email us at You can also donate via our website:

World Outreach Country Offices:

  • New Zealand: P O Box 97230 Manukau 2241.
  • Australia: PO Box 5000 Sunshine Coast MC Qld 4560
  • Singapore: Ghim Moh Post Office, PO Box 048, Singapore 912732
  • Holland: PO Box 2549, 2002RA Haarlem.
  • USA: 615 East Sego Lily Drive, Sandy UT 84070.
  • UK: PO Box 9256, Market Harborough, LE16 0FH, UK

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