October News Update 2014

John & Mary are based in Singapore. John serves as the Director of World Outreach International (WOI), a multiracial fellowship of Christians and ministries focused on the least reached peoples of the world. WOI has more than 350 fulltime personnel serving in over 60 nations on five continents. John heads an executive team of senior missionaries, pastors and a board of leaders who oversee the field personnel, various ministries and WOI bases, around the world.

Dear Friends, What a year 2014 has been to-date!  At last month’s UN meeting of world leaders in New York, the Secretary General listed what seemed like a myriad of natural & man-made disasters / tragedies to have hit the world this year, stating there has never been so many major crises happening in one year all demanding intervention. The world’s attention (& rightly so) seems to be very much on the atrocities and evil personified being committed by ISIS in Iraq & Syria right now. In Egypt, the WO team led by Nathan Bassaly is involved in helping approx. 1,000 families from Syria of mostly women, children & elderly who have fled the fighting.

Then there is the Ebola virus pandemic, the severity of which is now starting to register with major world powers. We, the Body of Christ, can sometimes feel a little helpless in knowing how to respond to such crisis times – other than via prayer – which we should be doing! The words of Joseph in Genesis 50 where he says, (paraphrased) “what was intended for evil, God turned for good,” is a hope we must hold onto.  On the other hand there is a lot of good things happening in the world of missions.

John, MC Coetzee & Rod Talbot in South Africa.

John, MC Coetzee & Rod Talbot in South Africa.

Africa. There is a genuine sense that the Holy Spirit is doing a new thing on this continent, ie. in the north, south, east & the west! During our visit there mid-year we heard testimony after testimony of breakthroughs, a greater awareness of the presence of God, and the best of all – lots of souls been saved! The sense of a ‘new thing’ happening within the team of WO in South Africa, was also very tangible. Opportunities to form new strategic ministry partnerships, as well as new & open doors to minister in universities are ever before the WO team. Praise God!

Nations Course. The two World Outreach (WO) 6 week intensive cross cultural Nations Courses held in South Africa and Thailand this year went very well. In total 36 personnel from 16 countries attended. The modules were considered up-skill training for the seasoned missionaries who attended, whereas newer personnel found the material very insightful and extremely helpful. The second course was held in northern Thailand. The first Nations Course for 2015 will be held from April 26 to June 05 in Chiangmai.

Nations Course participants & facilitators in Thailand

Nations Course participants & facilitators in Thailand

New Applications. In the two WO prayer & fasting focuses in the months of January & July for the past two years, a major prayer theme has been the cry for more workers!  Last year saw WO endorse 23 new applications of folk wanting to serve with the organization, and as of last month another 22 have been accepted this year. Thank you Jesus!  With mission opportunities abounding on different continents today, the prayer cry for even more workers continues.

WOW. A World Outreach Women’s (WOW) retreat was held in Chiangmai, Thailand last month – the first of its kind for women serving in the Asia region. Mary spoke and participated in what all attendees declared was a truly wonderful time together. There was lots of laughter, occasional tears, moving times of praise, worship & prayer, impacting times of ministry, excellent food – all at an amazing retreat facility. The WOW were all of one voice in saying ‘it all ended too soon!’  It seems another similar gathering will happen in the near future.

The WOW delegation

The WOW delegation

WO2020. At a recent 5 day gathering of WO leaders in Singapore, we felt inspired of the Holy Spirit to not just be thinking 2014/15 when needing to make decisions, but also have in mind the year 2020, and discern what decisions we in WO leadership need to be making now for the future, so that the organization will also be both relevant & effective 5 years from now.  Some faith inspired prayer and discussion times made each day truly memorable. We will be sharing some of the outcomes with our different field personnel in the coming months.

Farewell.  After 3 years of amazing service as the WO Communications Manager, we have bid farewell to Donna Elliott who will be taking up a new ministry role with the WO Jesus Family ministry team in Osaka, Japan starting this month. Donna will be sorely missed by her Singapore teammates, and of course by those in the wider Mission. Rachel McColl will be taking over from Donna. More about her in the next news update.

Donna’s farewell Singapore team dinner

Donna’s farewell Singapore team dinner

Ahead. This month John will speak in America to some Spanish leaders (& their congregations) about how they can become more involved in missions – beyond the Spanish speaking world.  In November we will visit WO bases in both the UK and Europe, including celebrating the 25th anniversary of WO-Holland. Come December John will travel to Bangladesh to speak at the graduation service of the WO sponsored Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) led by Vijaya Chowdhuri.

2015. Do set aside 08 – 12 June next year to join us at the WO Global Conference set for Chiangmai, northern Thailand. WO folk from all parts of the globe will be coming together – and you are welcome also!  Information on this very significant WO event will be on our website shortly.

In Closing. We have taken a bit of a hit re personal financial support this year, as a result of a change of circumstances with a couple of faithful & long standing ministry partners. Our role in WO is a non-salaried one, and we remain extremely grateful to the Lord, and honoured, to serve such a wonderful group of people. Please pray with us about this need. If you are not already aware, donations (via Paypal & Eway) can be made through the WO website ‘Blessing Centre’ at www.world-outreach.com/product-category/bless-a-woi-missionary  Your practical and prayer partnership continues to bless and encourage us greatly.

Thank you.

John & Mary Elliott

This is the personal newsletter of John & Mary Elliott, World Outreach International Director. As with all other World Outreach missionary personnel, John & Mary are non-salaried and trust the Lord each month to supply their personal needs.  With the change of circumstances for some of their long serving financial partners, John & Mary need to increase their personal support base. If you would like to financially partner with them, you can do so by sending support to any World Outreach International country office. Please clearly designate your gift when it is sent via a WO office. You can advise John & Mary via email:  john.elliott@world-outreach.com  They are happy to share more information with you.

World Outreach Country Offices:

  • New Zealand: P O Box 97230 Manukau 2241.
  • Australia: PO Box 5000 Sunshine Coast MC Qld 4560
  • Singapore: 2 Kallang Avenue, #04-09 CT Hub, Singapore 339407
  • Holland: PO Box 2549, 2002RA Haarlem.
  • USA: 615 East Sego Lily Drive, Sandy UT 84070.
  • UK: PO Box 9256, Market Harborough, LE16 0FH, UK

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